Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

In the year 1989 co-operation agreement was signed between Marijampole and Bergish Gladbach.

Bergish Gladbach is established in North Rhein Earth, where is good and quick service with other cities, advantageous conditions for industry development: three paper production factories, auto plant, equipment plant, nutriment plant, textile production factory. About 60% of city area is occupied by forests and fields, there live over 108 000 inhabitants. In the town are lots of culture museums - music, handicraft, school and others, ice chamber, many buildings - architectural monuments, music school and institute. In cultural life of the city very important role-play theatre, there are regular organised exhibitions and concerts. A central venue for exhibitions is the city gallery "Villa Zanders".

A close co-operation shows these visits and interchange of delegations:

  • 1993 Marijampole city Hospital get charity from Bergish Gladbach town - a car, medical equipments, drugs
  • 1994 in Marijampole was delegation from Bergish Gladbach, they interested in work of doctors, were in hospital, plants
  • 1994 September 11-15, 5 visitors from Bergish Gladbach took part in festival of Marijampole town
  • 1997 Chorus "Jovarelis" (head A.Kvietkauskiene) concerted in Bergish Gladbach
  • 1997 Youth football team (head V.Kirtiklis) took part in match in Bergish Gladbach
  • 1998 Marijampole visited delegation (18 persons) from Bergish Gladbach, headed by mayor M.T.Opladen
  • 1998 September 22-26, our delegation visited Bergish Gladbach and took part in workshop of economy and finance
  • 1999 August 2-15, 6 youths from Marijampole took part in German language courses, which were organized by Bergish Gladbach Municipality
  • 1999 Children theatres from 4th, 6th, 8th schools visited Bergish Gladbach
  • 2000 March 9-12, during solemn commemoration of Lithuanian Independence Restoration 10 years anniversary Marijampolė visited Vice-mayor of Bergisch Gladbach Municipality Mrs Ingrid Koshofer
  • 2000 August 14-26, fourteen pupils from Marijampole took part in German language courses in Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2000 September, Gymnasium of Rygiškiu Jonas in Marijampole visited pupils and teachers from Albertus Magnus Gymnasium in Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2000 November 18-21, Marijampolė visited representative from Caritas Organisation in Bergisch Gladbach, who brought charity and gifted microbus for Social Support Center in Marijampolė
  • 2000 December, in Bergisch Gladbach was organised exhibition of painter from Marijampolė K.Barišauskas, R.Vainas and R.Zubrius
  • 2001 May 18-20 during the festival "City Days 2001" The Mayor of Bergisch Gladbach City M.T.Opladen visited Marijampolė
  • 2001 September 11-15 a delegation of Marijampolė municipality led by the mayor V.Brazys visited Bergisch Gladbach and were interested in the communal economy of Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2002 May 26 Marijampolė visited members of Rotary club in Bergisch Gladbach. They acquainted with Marijampolė city, met Mayor of Marijampolė and Rotary Club members in Marijampolė
  • 2002 August 4 representative of German Christian Democratic Union visited Marijampolė, met Mayor of Marijampolė
  • 2002 October 20-25 group from Marijampolė County Woman Activity Center visited Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2003 March 23 - April 4 the students from Marijampole College visited Bergisch Gladbach. They have been invited the members of Rotary Club in Bergisch Gladbach and had possibility to improve their German language skills, to acquaintance with the city and its inhabitants
  • 2003 August 26 Mayor of Marijampole Municipality met members of Christian Democratic Union in Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2003 September 12-14 the group of women from Bergisch Gladbach took part in the project "Woman in business, democracy and philanthropy", which was presented by Marijampole County Woman Activity Center
  • 2004 April - May in Marijampole was organised exhibition of photography "Features of sister cities". There were presented photos of photographer Mr. Peter Mattes from Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2004 July 4-16 pupils from Marijampole secondary schools participated in German language courses in Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2004 June 24-28 Mayor of Bergisch Gladbach city Mrs. Maria Theresia Opladen together with the representatives of catholic churches communities visited Marijampole
  • 2004 July 26 Marijampole Municipality visited members of Christian Democratic Union in Bergisch Gladbach
  • 2005 April 4-16  6 students of Marijampole College were invited by Rotary club members of Bergisch Gladbach to have German language practice in schools
  • 2005 May 27-30 during Marijampole City Days 2005 the town visite representative from Bergisch Gladbach Municipality


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