Marijampole municipality - Council


Political structure of the municipality

  • The residents of Marijampolė municipality elect 27 representatives to the Council
  • Mayors are elected directly (since 2015)
  • The elections of the Municipality take place every 4 years
  • The elections are based on lists presented by political parties
  • The members of the Municipality Council elect Vice-mayor(s). These positions must be filled by members of the Council
  • The members of the Municipality Council solve various problems of the municipality in 5 committees
    • Committees
      • Finance and economics
      • Economy and Business Development
      • Municipality and law
      • Social and health protection
      • Education, culture and sports Environmental Protection and Rural Affairs
    • The Director of the Administration who is nominated by the Council leads the Municipality's administration
    • The last elections to the Marijampole Municipality Council took place in March 1st, 2015.
    • The 27 members of the Council represent various political parties

Number of places in the Council according to political parties

Denomination of a party

Number in the Council

Lithuanian Social Democratic Party


Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats


Labour Party


Lithuanian Peasant Popular Union


Liberals Movement of the Republic of Lithuania


Party „Order and Justice“





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