Kokkola (Finland)

Friendship between Marijampole and Kokkola towns started in the year 1969.

Kokkola is the town of industry, scientific, culture and tourism, which has 36 000 inhabitants.
King Gustav II Adolf founded the city of Kokkola in the year 1620.
Tourists can visit town museum, history museum of Kokkola, art gallery, exhibition hall, stony church of Kaarela (15 c.), town hall, fisher museum, seven bridges way.
Thus the town has several famous athletics competitions and well-known athletes, sports teams and a growing number of people doing fitness training. There are several sports grounds, sports halls, and a sports and youth centre. You can play golf, do bowling, sail, ride, play tennis, swim and go skin-diving. Football and volleyball are also very popular. There are for instance a very active Town Theatre, several theatre groups, a new town library, successful orchestras and many activities in the field of music.

During thirty years of the co-operation were exchanged many delegations: arts collectives, schools, culture workers. By dint of them friendship established between schools, families, collectives and this friendship continue until now.

  • 1985 Song and dance collective of plump yarn factory were in Kokkola
  • 1987 Chamber music chorus concerted in Kokkola
  • 1992 Municipal Drama Theatre played "Socrates" in Kokkola
  • 1994 Youth chorus from Kokkola took part in song festival in Marijampole
  • 1996 October 23-25, visit of Kokkola city delegation. Were discussed further co-operation spheres
  • 1997 October, workers of Marijampole City Municipality, specialists of economic, construction, social security, environment security, education and sport (about 15 persons) visited Kokkola. The purpose - to share experience
  • 1997 July 20-26, in Kokkola took place an international football tournament "Kokkola-'97". There took part Marijampole Sport School
  • 1998 Youth chorus (head V.Junevičienė), dancers from 5th School and chorus "O-lia-lia" visited Kokkola
  • 1999 Ethnographic ensemble "Lietuvininkas" (head D.Kleviene) took part in Kokkola
  • 2000 June 4-9, official delegation from Marijampole Municipality visited Kokkola City, where was mentioned thirty years anniversary, when was signed agreement on co-operation between Marijampole and Kokkola
  • 2000 September 6-9, delegation from Marijampole Municipality visited Kokkola City during 380th anniversary of Kokkola City
  • 2001 January 23-24, Marijampole visited Head of Environmental Department in Kokkola Municipality Mr. Michael Hagstrom and Planner Mr. Juhani Hannila. The aim of visit - to evaluate reports of Environmental Audit in Marijampole Municipality and collaborate implementing "Local Agenda 21" in Marijampole and Kokkola municipalities
  • 2001 May 17-21 orchestra from Kokkola "The seven of Kokkola"visited Marijampole, and performed during the festival "City Days 2001"
  • 2001 June 4 the Mayor of Marijampole Municipality met delegation from Kokkola that was interested in youth policy in Marijampole
  • 2002 May 25-26 delegation from Kokkola participated in the annual festival in Marijampole "City Days 2002"
  • 2003 May 29-1 June the delegation from Kokkola, leaded by the Mayor of the City of Kokkola Antti Isotalus, visited Marijampole during the festival "City Days 2003". Two accordion players from Kokkola presented their program
  • 2004 May 28-30 delegation from Kokkola visited Marijampole during the festival City Days 2004
  • 2004 August 27-28 delegation of Marijampole Municipality visited Kokkola during traditional festival of Venetian Night
  • 2005 May 27-29 Mayor of Kokkola town Mr. Antti Isotalus with his wife visite Marijampole during festival City Days 2005


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