Kvam (Norway)

In the year 1996 an agreement was signed on co-operation between Marijampolė city Municipality and Kvam municipality.

In the year 2000 a new agreement was signed on co-operation between Marijampolė and Kvam municipalities.
Kvam is situated on the northern side of the Hardangerfjord and has 8 600 inhabitants. It's busy and many-sided regional centre - Norheimsund since the 1850-ies tourism and trade have developed, and offer all kinds of products and good service. Norheimsund is a beautiful fjord village with unforgettable nature and interesting attractions, slash landscape. In Kvam are 10 museums, 6 churches, exhibition hall, cinema, 11 public bathing sites, every day organised trips, cruise and walks to the fjord, and tourists can ski. The main business branches: fish, agriculture, wood production industry.
In spring of the year 1995 the delegation of Norway Red Cross visited the Marijampolė City Municipality. After long and interesting discussions, a friendship developed, which established a promising co-operation.

In partnership with Kvam municipality, Marijampolė city co-ordinates the Hospital, school 7, Marijampolė municipality.

Chronology of the co-operation between Kvam and Marijampolė municipalities:

  • 1996 May, an official delegation from Marijampolė town municipality (mayor, administrator, staff, representatives of Red Cross, heads of enterprises) visited Norway
  • 1996 June 21-29, 6 youth from Marijampolė county worked as counselors in a children camp in Norway, Bromil Island
  • 1996 August 18-22, Tyssendal R.K. helped organize courses for help instructors in schools, where nurses, teachers participated
  • 1997 February 26 - March 1, Red Cross in Marijampolė got charity from Kvam
  • 1998 April 16-28, 2 youth from Marijampolė Municipality and personnel from the intended Centre of Social Care worked on probation in the enterprise of Storeholmen ASVO in Kvam Municipality
  • 1998 April 22, was open Children care house. Finance support was from Kvam Municipality
  • 1998 October 1-5, delegation from enterprise of Social Care of Kvam Municipality visited Marijampolė. Representatives from Centre of Social Care of Marijampolė and representatives from enterprise of Social Care of Kvam Municipality discussed co-operation in the future and making articles about handicapped persons export to Norway
  • 1998 Men ensemble ''Sūduvietis'' and chorus "Šešupė" concerted in Kvam
  • 1999 September, delegation from Marijampolė city municipality visited Kvam municipality. The aim - to get information about commune work, political structures, life features in Kvam
  • 1999 September 1-21, 5 youth from Marijampolė took part in the EU project YOUTH for EUROPE. The project took place in Norway, Kvam municipality
  • 1999 Dance group "Vilga" performed in Kvam, photos show their works
  • 1999 August 30-September 5, music artists from west of Norway (singer Reidum Horvei, pianist Geir Botnen and violinist Knut Hamre) performed in Marijampolė
  • 1999 November 11-13, a delegation of businessmen from Kvam municipality visited Marijampolė town. They looked for partners in furniture industry, agriculture sphere
  • 2000 March 9-12, during solemn commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence in Marijampolė a representative from Kvam municipality Mr.O.Adland visited
  • 2000 April 13-15 the delegation from Kvam municipality visited Marijampolė. The delegation was headed by Mayor of Kvam municipality Mr. Martin Vik. During the visit the agreement on co-operation was renewed, guests met local handicraftsmen, who are working with wood wares, embroidery
  • 2000 May men ensemble "Sūduvietis" concerted in Kvam
  • 2000 July 7-30 two schoolgirls from Marijampolė took part in the Lion Club International Camp in Norway. Kvam municipality paid all the travel expenses
  • 2000 August 31-September 2 delegation of Kvam businessmen and Kvam municipality staff visited Marijampolė. The aim of visit - to discuss concrete business sphere for co-operation, to enter into relations with local businessmen, to order wood goods of local handicraftsmen and embroidery
  • 2000 September 2-16, youth from Kvam municipality took part in the EU project YOUTH for EUROPE. The project took place in Marijampolė
  • 2000 October representative from Marijampolė municipality and business visited Kvam, discussed perspective of joint business
  • 2001 May, pianist Geir Botnen and violinist Knut Hamre concerted in show of ''Town days 2001'' in Marijampolė''. Together with them was arrived office employee responsible for Kvam Municipality and Marijampolė Municipality affairs Agnar Hoysaeter
  • 2001 June, official delegation of 4 persons from Marijampolė visited Kvam municipality
  • 2001 August 28-29 during Kvam municipality vice-mayor Astrid Selsvoll and Agnar Høysæter's visit in Marijampolė, the guests examined the lingo phonic classroom presented by Kvam municipality to Rygiskiu Jonas gymnasium and visited the Social support centre of Marijample
  • 2001 September 18-20 the Head of Education department of Kvam municipality and vice principles of the comprehensive schools visited schools of Marijampolė municipality in order to get acquainted with Lithuanian system of education and to make closer contacts with 8th and 9th forms of our secondary schools
  • 2002 June 13-20 two girls from Marijampolė Rygiškiu Jonas Gymnasium participated in Youth exchange program in Norway "How to use local nature sources for organising International Youth exchange"
  • 2002 September 26-27 in Sirvintos was organised conference, were took part representative from Norwegian municipalities and counties, who co-operate with municipalities and counties in Lithuania. Representative from Kvam and Marijampolė presented united project, works and plans for the further co-operation
  • 2002 October First aid center in Marijampolė get charity from Kvam Municipality - 2 first aid cars
  • 2002 November 22 - 23 representative from Kvam in Marijampolė organised two conferences and made presentation about agriculture and nongovernmental organisations' activities in Norway and Kvam Municipality
  •  April 2, 2003. 39 pupils from Øystese Gymansium visited Marijampole Rygiskiu Jonas Gymansium in Marijampole and brought 11 computers. Norwegian pupils installed computers themselves
  • April 24-26, 2003. Mr. Øystein Ådland and representative from Pedagogical College in Bergen visited Marijampole. The purpose of the visit - to start co-operation between the Faculty of Educology of Marijampole College in Marijampole and the Pedagogical College in Bergen
  • September 11-13, 2003. Delegation of businesswomen from Kvam participated in the international project "Woman in business, democracy and philanthropy", which was organised by Marijampole Woman Activity Centre
  • September 13-17, 2003. Delegation from Marijampole visited Kvam Municipality during elections to the Council of Kvam Municipality. Also, representatives from Marijampole studied the project "Safety communities"
  • November 21-24, 2003. Official delegation from Kvam visited Marijampole Municipality. During the visit, establishment documents of Marijampole Handicraft Centre were signed. Also, President of Norheimsund Lions Club brought cheque of money for Marijampole Generation Home
  • November 27-28, 2003. Representatives from Kvam and Marijampole Municipalities participated at the Conference in Klaipeda. Again, Norwegian municipalities and counties that co-operate with municipalities and counties in Lithuania have participated at the conference together with their partners from Lithuania
  • May 28 - 30 2004 Marijampole visited during the festival City Days delegation from Kvam Municipality
  • November 5-8 2004 Marijampole visited Mayor of Kvam Municipality Astrid Selsvold. During the visit were visited Generation Home, discussed activity plan of Handicraft Centre
  • 2005 April 29 Marijampole visited delegation of 30 members of Lions clubs in Norway. Guests were interested in united projects between marijampole and Kvam Municipalities
  • 2005 May 27-29 during the festival Marijampole City Days our town visited the Mayor of Kvam Municipality Mrs. Astrid Selsvol and folk music and dancing group
  • 2005 October 23-24 Mayor of Kvam Municipality and representatives of Lions clubs from Kvam Municipality visited Marijampole. Guests participated in the openning ceremony of Generation Home and brought a gift for Social Support Center on this occasion - a bus and many things as a charity for the inhabitants of Generation Home. 


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