Rogozno (Poland)

Rogozno - 2004 December 7 Marijampole Municipality and Rogoźno town municipality signed protocol of intentions.

2005 August 27 Marijampole Municipality and Rogoźno town municipality signed agreement on cooperation.

There are 17.800 people living in the whole commune.Commune is located in the valley of the Welna River.There are eight lakes and three sanctuaries of nature. Forests cover almost 30 per cent of the area of the cummune.There are many precious monuments of archtecture, besides there are interesting examples of rural architecture.

Convenient location near Poznan, the magnificent area swarming with forests, water, sanctuaries and monuments of nature - all that shows tourist atraction of Rogozno and its commune.
Rogozno is also an important centre of education and culture.The Municipal Culture and Sports Centre offers different local, provincial and Polish wide events. Everybody can find something interesting for themselves.

  • 2005 May 27-29 delegation from Rogoźno town visited Marijampole during annual festival City Days
  • 2005 m. August 26-28 d. during Harvesting fest in Rogoźno town performances had two arg groups from Marijampole Municipality: dancing group of Igliauka „Tryptas“ (leader Magdalena Venskūnienė) and Baragine village chapel (leader Linas Penkaitis)
  • 2005 October 7-9 during the republican Harvesting Days fest "Sycamore belt" Marijampole visited representatives of Rogozno town


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