Suwalki (Poland)

Agreement with Suwalki was signed in the year 1995.

Suwalki is a town situated in the northeastern part of Poland, about 40 km from the cross border with Lithuania. This town has over 68 thousand of inhabitants and its growth took place in 1989 when market economy began to develop. During the last some years about 5 thousand of private enterprises began their activity. About 35 firms run their businesses with the share of foreign capital (mainly German, French, Russian, Lithuanian). Every year from 1993 The Suwalki Border Fair are organized by The Polish and Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce. Suwalki town has the Regional Center of Culture and Art, three museums, the Wigry National Park, the Suwalki Landscape Park. This town is situated in the area of "Green Lungs of Poland". This town is situated in the area of "Green Lungs of Poland".

Co-operation with this town continue successfully:

  • 1997 September, Municipality administration. Marijampolė city Municipality workers 2 days stopped in Suwalki. They were interested in work organization
  • 1997 Aged dancers group "Sidabra" showed its program in Suwalki
  • 1998 February 24-26, Marijampolė sport school took part in an international football match "Vigri"
  • 1998 Youth from Marijampolė took part in an international youth camp in Suwalki
  • 1998 Culture department delegation went to Suwalki, children theatre review
  • 1998 October 29, Marijampolė music school delegation came on the scene in Suwalki
  • 1998 Chorus "Šešupė" visited Suwalki
  • 1999 June 29 - July 1, Marijampolė visited delegation from Suwalki Municipality. They interested in Lithuanian and Polish Chamber movement, Commerce, Handicraft and Industry Chamber work
  • 1999 Marijampolė Sport School took part in basketball, football matches in Suwalki
  • Seit 1996 every year in Marijampolė is organized Small Theatre festival "Auksinis obuolys", where take part groups from Suwalki and other Poland towns
  • 1999-2000 Marijampolė City Municipality and K.S.F.Blachnicki Welfare Service College in Suwalki organized united project "Municipality work improvement", which was financed by PHARE.
  • 2000 March 10, during solemn commemoration of Lithuanian Independence Restoration 10 years anniversary Marijampolė visited Mayor of Suwalki City Mr. G.Wolagiewicz
  • 2000 June 16-17 delegation from Marijampolė took part in 50 years anniversary of ensemble "Suwalszczyzna" festival in Suwalki
  • 2001 March 16-20 folk music group "Schamrock" from Suwalki performed in Marijampolė festival "City Days 2001"
  • 2002 May 25 delegation from Suwalki participated in the annual festival in Marijampolė "City Days 2002"
  • 2002 July - September together with Suwalki Municipality was implemented united project " Guide of investments raise in Euroregion NEMUNAS cities and society - presentation of social and economical co-operation between cross-border regions and help in integration process into EU". Project was financec by EU PHARE Program for cross-border cooperation - Small projects fund
  • 2003 May 30 delegation from Suwalki, led by the Vice-Mayor Andrzej Turowski, participated in the festival "City Days 2003"
  • 2004 May 29 delegation of Marijsampole Municipality took part in the festival City Days of Suwalki. The delegation from Suwalki also visited Marijampole during City Days
  • 2004 Administration of Marijampole Municipality together with Gmyna of Suwalki implemented united project "Between us neighbours". The aim of the project - to public publication about Marijampole and Suwalki and CD
  • 2005 May 27 during Marijampole City Days 2005 performance had art group from "Suwalszczyzna"
  • 2005 June 3-4 delegation from Marijampole participatedin Suwalki town days
  • 2005 August 28 in Harvest fest of Suwalki performance had art group from Marijampole "Jotvingis"
  • 2005 October 8 during the republican Harvesting Days fest "Sycamore belt" Marijampole visited representatives of Suwalki town Municipality and Suwalki gminy


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