Viborg (Denmark)

In the year 1994 an agreement of co-operation was signed between Marijampolė and Viborg education centres.
In 1997 was signed agreement on co-operation and friendship between Marijampolė City, District and Viborg City Municipality.
On 22nd of October 2002 was signed new agreement on co-operation between Marijampolė Municipality and Viborg City Municipality.

Viborg is established in the centre of Jutlandia peninsula.
Today Viborg is both a modern industrial town and a modern municipality providing service. It has approximately 42 000 inhabitants, is famous for its XII c. cathedral, numerous activities, festivals for children, lots of sport clubs, grounds - people practise over 30 sports. Compared to other areas in Denmark the Viborg area has undergone the most rapid growth, in the city is the chemical industry, the iron and steel industry, research institution, all types of education and training courses, ensuring employees precisely the qualifications that are so vital for success.

Co-operation with this twin town continues successfully: with Viborg town school directly co-operates Rygiskiu Jonas Gymnasium, it is organised interchange of education workers, Viborg Education Center workers come to Marijampolė, prepare workshops, lections, share experience.

  • 1995 Politics from Marijampolė city visited Denmark. The purpose: to acquaint with political, educational and municipal system in Denmark
  • 1997 November 3-5, visit of Viborg town delegation, was signed one more agreement on co-operation
  • 1998 Chess club and "Vyturėlis" chorus visited Viborg
  • 1998 Workers from Viborg city Municipality were in Marijampolė and shared experience with Marijampolė Municipality
  • 1999 in Marijampolė took place children theatre and dance festival and were invited delegation from Viborg town
  • 1999 Two workers from Marijampolė town kindergarten-school, where learn handicapped children, visited the same profile schools in Viborg
  • 1998-2000 Viborg Town Education Center and Marijampolė Town Education Center administered corporate project "Work with children who have handicap with hearing". In this project took part Marijampolė town kindergarten-school "Žiburėlis"
  • 1999-2000 Viborg Town Education Center and Marijampolė Town Education Center administered project "Danish educational system in primary school". In this project took part Marijampolė primary school "Smalsutis"
  • 2000 May, men ensemble "Sūduvietis" from Marijampolė concerted in Viborg
  • 2000 October 10-17, youth delegation from Marijampolė took part in Twinn Cities Youth Conference in Viborg
  • 2001 March 24-29 Viborg delegation visited Marijampolė with purpose to get acquainted to working methods with aged people and disabled families
  • 2002 October 21-23 Marijampolė visited delegation of 10 people from Viborg City Municipality and County. On the occasion of ten years cooperation between Marijampolė and Viborg was signed a new agreement of twin cities between Marijampolė Municipality and Viborg City Municipality
  • 2003 April 4 - June 9 in Viborg was open the exhibition of Marijampole Regional Museum. On this occasion the delegation from Marijampole visited Viborg
  • 2003 March 28 the Mayor of Marijampole met guests from Viborg, who informed the Social workers of Marijampole Municipality about their prevention project, how to fight against drugs, alcohol
  • 2003 August 25-30 Viborg visited the student of Rygiskiu Jonas Gymnasium, where had possibility to know better the life of young people in Denmark. The visit was the gift of Viborg Municipality
  • 2003 September 19 in Administration of Marijampole Municipality was organised meeting with 5 students from Viborg Gymnasium. These students came to Marijampole according to exchange program between Viborg Gymnasium and Marijampole Rygiskiu Jonas Gymnasium
  • 2003 October 29 - November 1 official delegation of Marijampole, led by the Mayor of Marijampole Municipality, visited Viborg
  • 2004 March 8 Marijampole Municipality visited delegation from Viborg. Guests presented project "Cooperation of schools, social workers and police in order to stop use of drugs and make crimes"
  • 2004 April - May in Marijampole was organised exhibition of photography "Features of sister cities". There were presented photos of photographer Mr. Kurt Nielsen from Viborg. Photographer participated in the exhibition opening ceremony in Marijampole
  • 2005 April 15 d. Marijampole Municipality visited environmental specialists from Viborg. They shared experience in drinking water and effluent water areas
  • 2005 May 26-29 Marijampole visited representatives from Viborg during the festival City Days 2005
  • 2005 November 25 d. Marijampole visited representatives of Viborg town Municipality and Viborg Euro Info Center. There were discussed possibilities to start cooperation in effluent water area and waste management area.


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